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Grow Training

Grow Training

Grow Consulting is directly associated with AB​Group, which is an internationally renowned Consultant that has been operating since 1993 with the main multinational companies as its clients. We offer solutions through 4 lines of business:

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Professional Development

We contribute to the improvement of the performance of functions associated with professional competences in the different hierarchies of an organisation, through training initiatives that focus on changes in attitude, behavior and the development of skills.

The methodology used is defined on a case-by-case basis, according to the specific needs of the group for which the training is intended and the desired pedagogical objectives.

The modalities commonly used are:

  • In-company face-to-face

  • Open face-to-face

  • blended

  • coaching

  • e-learning

  • Associated services

Audience and Lecturer

Commercial Consultancy

As experts in the Commercial area, we provide solutions aimed at improving processes, resources and the organisation of the company's sales force.

The Know-How that ABGroup/Grow Consulting makes available for this activity is based on diagnostic, evaluation and implementation tools successfully used in several companies in different sectors.

Some services of this unit are:

  • Design and implementation of commercial management models

  • Audit of Sales Networks

  • Design and implementation of Commercial Management tools (CRM, etc.)

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Kick off new products, businesses, markets

Insurance Agent

Human Resources Consultancy

We work to contribute, in an effective and measurable way, to improving the competitiveness of companies through interventions that focus on Human Resources.

The team of consultants at ABGroup / ​Grow Consulting combines a solid technical background with a wide experience in the professional field as first-line directors.

Our product portfolio is as follows:

  • Audit of the social climate and Human Resources policies

  • Definition of Human Resources strategies

  • Implementation of Competency Models

  • Direction by Objectives

  • evaluation systems

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Internal communication

Job interview

Communication and Events

We add value to interpersonal communications to promote the effectiveness and impact of messages through different channels and supports.

We propose flexible solutions with a total adaptation to the values and culture of each client company, responding to the strategic objectives and the expectations of the users.

Some of the services of this unit are:

  • Event design and assembly

  • Design and production of teaching resources

  • Development of internal communication plans

  • High-impact exhibitions for large auditoriums

  • Kick off and conventions

Fan Cheering

Personal Development

After over 10 years of training personal development in Scandinavia and Latin America, Transcendent Leaders Academy was founded in Portugal to help you achieve your peak performance trough one-on-one personal development and group training.

In 2022 during the recent restructure, TLA training programs were merged into Grow consulting Services.

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