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Business Plan

Grow Funds

Grow Funds is a division that offers renting solutions, investment funds, opportunities and venture capital.

We help startups raising seed capital in areas like sustainability and real estate.

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Grow Rent

Following the growth policy of Grow Consulting, the “RENT” business area emerged. We decided to create the best option in terms of Financial Efficiency, providing our customers with real advisory support in this area, differentiating ourselves in the market by not only limiting ourselves to technical issues, but an integrated solution that covers the entire purchasing chain, from supply to financing, including the most appropriate technology to promote work productivity and cutting-edge technology.

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Grow Investments

We believe that to harvest you have to plant and we make this our premise and way of doing business.

It is important to highlight that investment provides gains not only for investors, but for the economy of the country/world as a whole, as its focus is on innovative companies with high potential, successes will provide businesses with a large generation of qualified jobs and taxes collected. An example of this is Apple, the world's largest company by market value, which started with founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak and angel investor Mike Markkula.

At Grow Investments we are always looking for potential deals, new talents and ideas! All of them are welcome, if you want to privilege us with yours, our team is at your entire disposal!

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